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My job as your sleep consultant is to give you the confidence and tools to teach your child or children how to become independent and confident sleepers. I strive to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with the services that I provide and want to make sure that you are equipped with exactly what you need to set your child or children up for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. Reach out today to start sleeping better!

A mother and new born baby taking a nap together


Foundations of Newborn Sleep

(From Birth-12 weeks)

Learn everything you need to know about newborn sleep in a customized newborn sleep guide that will be designed with your baby in mind. *This is not sleep training*

  • Customized newborn sleep guide
  • Two weeks of text/email support
  • Maintenance support until baby is 12 weeks old
Young Asian mother working from home while enjoying the time spent with little daughter in self isolation during the Covid-19 health crisis


All About Sleep

(From 3 Months – 18 Months)

When you are starting from the beginning and need guidance and support in all areas, this plan is for you! 
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Two weeks of text/email support
  • Maintenance texts/calls for up to two years
  • Covers naps, early wake up, all bed time challenges and overnight challenges
Just the plan


Mastering Toddler and Preschooler Sleep

(From 18 Months – Age 5)

Toddlers often have big feelings and limited understanding of those big feelings. My expertise will help you address the developmental challenges that come with toddlerhood/preschool-age while tackling sleep head-on.
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Two weeks of text/email support
  • One year of sleep maintenance calls and texts
  • Covers all sleep challenges associated with older toddlers and preschoolers
  • Customized Visuals (reward charts, schedule, bed time routine, explanation of sleep program specifically for your child, etc)
A mother and new born baby taking a nap together


Nap Pack

(From three months-five years old)

Naps can be tricky but night sleep can be seamless. Let’s correct the challenging naps without making any active changes to night sleep.
  • Customized nap plan
  • Two weeks of text/email support for naps
  • +$75 for customized visuals for children over 18 months

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Add On/A La Carte

Add-On and a la carte Services

Just the plan


Just the Plan

Sometimes you just need a little help to get you moving in the right direction. You will receive just a customized plan that is written just for your child. You will implement the plan independently.

Just the plan


A week of support (text/email)

Sometimes you just need the correct guidance and recommendations to move forward. We will offer you a week of text and email support to help you help your little one sleep more soundly.

Just the plan


Phone call support (added to text/email support)

One 45-minute call per week for two weeks

Just the plan


In-person bedtime support

On a Saturday night from 6pm-10pm or when child falls asleep, whichever is earlier. Within 30 miles of 02148

Other Services

Not only do I offer pediatric sleep consulting services but I also offer car seat safety services as well as virtual postpartum doula services!

Preparing For Baby


Preparing For Baby (VIRTUAL)

(depending on your needs)

Let’s face it, many new parents want to have everything prepared when baby comes. I can help you with anything from car seat guidance, creating your baby registry, making sure you have everything for your nursery, preparing you for the fourth trimester and so much more. Reach out today to set something up!

Parents cuddling with newborn baby on couch



Is there something that you or your baby are struggling with (ie: taking a bottle, the baby won’t sleep in their bassinet, you are feeling overwhelmed), let’s sit down and chat.

Child car seats variety on shelf in store, nobody



I will teach you everything you need to know about the safety of rear facing car seats or forward facing car seats, depending on your needs. After class is finished, I will teach you how to install the car seat(s) and inspect them for you. Via ZOOM or in-person (location dependent)

Ask Me Anything Call



Let’s schedule a call to talk about anything related to the newborn phase, the fourth trimester, the postpartum period, car seat safety or sleep!

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